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Atomic Wallet Announces Future Tezos Support

A lot of good things are happening in the Tezos ecosystem with the Mainnet launch still on track for this month. Each day, as we move further along with a successful Betanet, more and more developers and companies are beginning to take notice and announce their plans to support Tezos in their respective products.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet, which is a multicurrency light wallet that supports over 300 various crypto coins and tokens, has announced that Tezos integration will commence following the Mainnet launch. The news was confirmed on Twitter on August 28:

For Tezos users, this opens up a popular crypto wallet for use on the Tezos network. Atomic has platform support for desktop and mobile devices and flavors in Windows, Mac and Linux, so it is already widely used with other cryptocurrencies. Integration will also serve to expand Tezos use among Atomic’s existing user base.

Atomic Swaps

Aside from being a popular and easy way to manage multiple types of crypto tokens, Atomic Wallet has been pioneering the implementation and practice of what is known as an “atomic swap,” which is the exchange of crypto tokens from one type to another without the need for a third-party to be involved. This cuts down on fees and increases security. Tezos, with support from a smart contract to handle the transfer, inherently supports atomic swaps so it is a good candidate for future inclusion into Atomic Wallet’s atomic swap functionality.

Back in mid-August, Martin Pospěch, proprietor of Smart Contract Labs, demonstrated what was likely the first atomic swap between Tezos and Bitcoin:

The implementation, as seen in the tweet, is entirely command line based, but serves as a tremendous accomplishment to prove out the technology and pave the way for future development of atomic swaps between Tezos and other cryptocurrencies. Getting a larger company like Atomic Wallet on board will surely help drive development and awareness in this area.