Tezos Betanet Launch Information
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Tezos Betanet In “Final Preparations” Before Launch

The Tezos Foundation announced today, via email, that the Betanet launch is happening soon with final preparations being made for contributors to access their tokens. In an email to contributors and supporters, the Foundation asked all original ICO contributors to check their contribution at a special website setup to validate contribution amounts.

According to the email received from the Foundation, “final preparations for the Tezos beta network (“betanet”) are underway.” As Tezos News has previously detailed, the Betanet will allow for complete functionality of the Tezos network and all transactions made on the Betanet will persist on the Mainnet, which will launch in the third quarter of 2018.

Here is a direct quote from the email urging all Tezos contributors to check their contribution:

A genesis block will be proposed by the Tezos Foundation at the betanet launch. To prepare for this, it is imperative that all contributors verify their donation — regardless of size — to confirm that it was received by the Foundation. The Foundation intends to recommend allocations in this proposed genesis block for donations of any size that were received during the fundraiser, but they must appear in the “Check Your Contribution” tool.

Click on the “Check Your Contribution” link below to access the tool and enter the Tezos public key hash that was included on the PDF document you created during the fundraiser. Only use this link and do not enter any other information besides your public key hash. If the donation does not appear when you enter your public key hash, then it will not be included as a recommended allocation in the genesis block proposed by the Foundation unless you take additional steps to make sure it is included. Further information is given on the linked page.

The Tezos contribution website link is check.tezos.com. Do not, under any circumstances, provide your information to any other website or group other than the contribution validation site setup by the Tezos Foundation. Please note that checking your contribution is not required, but is recommended by the Foundation to ensure all necessary information is available and correct when you are ready to activate tokens on the Betanet.

The Tezos website has also been further developed with new resources specifically for the Betanet. For more information on checking your contribution, view the Betanet page setup by the Foundation.

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