Tezos Blockchain Explorers

Blockchain Explorers

There are several Tezos blockchain explorers which are already up and running on the development test network known as the Alphanet.

Official Tezos Blockchain Explorers

  • TzScan – The “official” explorer developed by OCamlPro with a full set of features including an API that allows development of applications on top of the blockchain

The TzScan explorer is the most reliable, at this point. Once the Betanet is officially released, the other explorers will be updated accordingly.

Other Tezos Explorers

These explorers are run by the community and may or may not be active at any given time.

  • XTEZ.io – Tezos explorer and full featured wallet and delegation service for Tezos
  • TezEx.info –¬†Tezos explorer created by Bitfly, creator of etherchain.org, the second largest Ethereum Blockchain Explorer
  • TezosChain –¬†Blockchain explorer of the Tezos network that allows you to easily search for blocks, operations, wallets and contracts.

What is a blockchain explorer?

A blockchain explorer is a service, usually in the form of a website, which allows viewing and navigating a cryptocurrency blockchain. Think of the explorer like the database at the bank that holds all the transaction information which ever occurred on the chain. However, the explorer differs from a database because the explorer itself does not store the transaction history, instead the chain explorer queries the blockchain and asks for information about the latest transactions and other information.

Using a blockchain explorer allows anyone to look up an account or transaction on the blockchain.