Tezos Blockchain Explorers

Blockchain Explorers

There are several Tezos blockchain explorers which allow for easy access to view and confirm transactions on the Tezos network. TZScan provides the most in-depth interface and, by far, the most details about operations such as baking and delegation.

Tezos Blockchain Explorers

  • TzScan – The explorer developed by the team at OCamlPro with a full set of features including an API that allows development of applications that interact with the Tezos blockchain
  • TezEx.info –¬†Tezos explorer created by Bitfly, creator of etherchain.org, the second largest Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

What is a blockchain explorer?

A blockchain explorer is a service, usually in the form of a website, which allows viewing and navigating a cryptocurrency blockchain. Think of the explorer like the database at the bank that holds all the transaction information which ever occurred on the chain. However, the explorer differs from a database because the explorer itself does not store the transaction history, instead the chain explorer queries the blockchain and asks for information about the latest transactions and other information.

Using a blockchain explorer allows anyone to look up an account or transaction on the blockchain.

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