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Cryptonomic Creating Tezos Wallet For Betanet Release

The Tezos Foundation announced today that Cryptonomic, a software firm based in New York City, has been issued a grant to create a Tezos wallet for the upcoming Betanet launch. According to the press release, the wallet has been in development for some time and will be available this month for the Betanet launch. Following a successful launch, the Cryptonomic Tezos Wallet will be developed further with new features and functionality as the project progresses.

While command-line tools currently exist to interact with the Tezos blockchain, this will be the first project, blessed by the Tezos Foundation, to officially launch a wallet for claiming Tezos token allocations from the 2017 ICO fundraiser. There will be other wallet options built within the community and we will highlight those as Tezos moves closer to Betanet launch.


According to the Cryptonomic website, the company is “committed to decentralization and digital sovereignty,” and works to “provide tools and smart contracts which enable higher level decentralized and consortium applications.” According to the Foundation, Cryptonomic has been a longtime active member of the Tezos community and will also be helping with other projects beyond the wallet.

Cryptonomic confirmed the news via their twitter feed earlier today:

The Cryptonomic Wallet announcement comes on the heels of the Foundation announcing that Obsidian Systems will be releasing Tezos Baking Software in time for the Betanet launch which will allow secure baking via the Ledger hardware wallet platform.

All the pieces are coming together for a successful Betanet coming later this month.

Update (June 5)

The Cryptonomic team has expanded on this news with a blog post on Medium:

Our first release will be a wallet for managing, transmitting, and delegating XTZ. We’re hard at work on the alpha release and will soon be reaching out to the community for feedback to work out the inevitable kinks. We’ll also be subjecting all our systems and infrastructure to audits from several reputable companies and will update the community on their progress over Twitter in the coming weeks. A secure and reliable wallet application is necessary for any thriving decentralized ecosystem, so any input on bugs and vulnerabilities will always be welcome, no matter how minor they seem. We’ll soon tweet out details about our feedback forum.

Check the full article for some more background about the company as well as their other projects related to Tezos.