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Cryptonomic Tezos Wallet Goes Open Source

As we previously reported, Cryptonomic, a blockchain startup based in New York City, was given a grant by the Tezos Foundation to develop an official wallet for use on the Tezos platform. As part of the announcement back on June 4, the wallet was set to be released before Betanet went live by the end of this month. In the last 24 hours, we’ve learned that Cryptonomic has created a Github repository to open source their wallet and will be providing builds for Windows, Mac and Linux very shortly.

Images of the wallet first appeared in a Riot chatroom, but then made their way to Reddit, and eventually to Twitter:

Source Code

The project is open source and you can begin browsing the repository and explore the Cryptonomic wallet codebase. At time of writing, the project is unnamed and simply being referred to as the “Tezos Wallet.” The code is based on Cryptonomic’s other blockchain project, named Conseil, which is an API built to query the Tezos blockchain. The interface is designed to be user friendly and is built with open source tools, including React and Electron, which harness the power of Javascript to span multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Support for mobile platforms will likely follow.


According to the Cryptonomic website, the company is “committed to decentralization and digital sovereignty,” and works to “provide tools and smart contracts which enable higher level decentralized and consortium applications.” According to the Foundation, Cryptonomic has been a longtime active member of the Tezos community and will also be helping with other projects beyond the wallet.

Other Wallets

While Cryptonomic has received direct funding from the Tezos Foundation to develop a wallet, there are numerous Tezos community members developing wallets for the Tezos network without Foundation involvement. Here is a short list of other wallet projects worth noting and following:

Tezos.Blue Wallet

If you have a Tezos wallet under development that’s not listed, please get in touch on twitter.