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ICYMI: Fortune Profiles Kathleen Breitman on Future Tezos Plans

Just days ago, Fortune Magazine featured an interview with Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman on her future plans working in Tezos development and which areas may see the most growth in coming years thanks to the advancement and proliferation of blockchain technology. Kathleen, according to the interview, intends to work in the are of video gaming and she sees tremendous overlap and potential for Tezos being utilized in this space.

Here are some excerpts from the article, Tezos Co-founder Kathleen Breitman Turns Focus to Video Games, which published on September 7:

Kathleen Breitman, who is one half of the husband-wife team that launched Tezos, believes online video games are one of the most promising applications for the smart contract service that raised $232 million last summer.

On the subject of video games, Breitman argues they offer a promising hook to get people to use cryptocurrencies.

“The reason I’m focusing on online video games is primarily because the users of these games tend to have the right profile for adopting new digital paradigms,” she said.

Breitman didn’t share many details about her new project, other than to say it will involve a separate company and that she will focus on building applications that are easy to use for the general public.

This move by Kathleen to start her own software firm has been in the works for some months now and with her husband, Arthur Breitman, fully ensconced in core Tezos protocol development, Kathleen will be working to foster business relationships and propel the integration of Tezos into other sectors of the tech economy.

Here is the full video of Kathleen’s interview on Balancing the Ledger, Fortune’s regular web series dedicated to the crypto space:

In related news, on the heels of the Fortune piece, Ibinex published an article today which lists Kathleen as one of the “5 Women Leading in the Cryptocurrency Industry.” For reference, she’s number 1 on their list, so kudos on that!

It is exciting to see stories on the positive developments around Tezos which help casual readers and viewers begin to understand the potential of this project and get to know the strong field of highly skilled individuals working to foster it’s adoption and growth.