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Tezos Foundation Continues Community Investment

As the month of August comes to a close, with the Tezos Mainnet launch approaching, the Tezos Foundation has continued building up the Tezos ecosystem with the ongoing announcement of more grants.

The latest announcement, dated August 27, involves the Foundation’s effort to build out software tools and web resources for Tezos users. Here is a breakdown on the four recipients in this most recent round of community investment:

Cryptium Labs

According to the release, Cryptium Labs, a Switzerland-based company providing secure baking services, will use grant funds to produce original content covering Tezos topics in blog posts and informational articles, in addition to contributing useful software tools to the community. They will also be involved with researching areas for Tezos improvement and supporting Chinese and Spanish-speaking Tezos communities with meet-up events.


There are now dozens and dozens of Tezos baking services offering token holders a way to delegate their tokens and earn rewards by securing the Tezos network. One of the most useful tools to come about in recent months is called MyTezosBaker. The site aims to provide users with a thorough and hand-curated directory of delegation services including pertinent details such as fees and policies.

Simple Staking

The third listed grant recipient, called Simple Staking, is working to integrate Tezos support to the Trezor hardware wallet. Much like the Ledger hardware wallet, Trezor is another popular and secure way to hold cryptocurrency with less exposure to risk. Having both major hardware wallet platforms with Tezos support will help foster adoption of the Tezos platform. Simple Staking is also working on wallet software for desktop and web platforms as well.

KZen Networks

The final recipient of this round is KZen Networks, which is specializing in the concept of a “universal mobile wallet.” There is a GitHub repository for the project so you can already browse the code. A main feature of the KZen effort will including the ability to use multi-sig contracts for “multi-party computation.”

Prior Research Grants

Back on August 9, the Foundation announced funding had been granted for projects at Cornell University, the University of Beira Interior, Decet and France-IOI. Each institution will use the grant for specific areas of study in researching blockchain technology for the betterment and improvement of the Tezos protocol.

The Tezos Foundation continues to take a decentralized approach to building out the Tezos ecosystem with a diverse variety of groups and projects being support across the globe. The end result will create a very strong underlying bed of research, information and software tools to ensure long-term success of the Tezos project.