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HackerOne To Manage Tezos Bug Bounty Program

In a press release on Friday, the Tezos Foundation announced it will be sponsoring a bug bounty program with the cybersecurity firm known as HackerOne. The goal of the program is to provide ongoing penetration testing and improvement to the Tezos protocol, and codebase, by soliciting incentivized community involvement in searching for bugs and security holes.

More from the announcement:

From the outset, the code base underpinning the Tezos protocol has been engineered with security in mind. No system can be completely secure, but every system can be continuously improved towards that goal.

The HackerOne bug bounty program is the latest in a series of steps to support the security and stability of Tezos.

Security is critical to a platform which can potentially be charged with protecting billions, maybe trillions, of dollars in assets so the move toward a bounty program is another great step toward overall adoption and confidence in the Tezos platform.

About HackerOne

HackerOne is a service used by several fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium sized companies seeking to improve their network security and leverage the power of a worldwide community to stress and attack internet-based systems. Participants are rewarded monetarily for discovering and disclosing problems to the bounty program sponsor. As of 2017, the company counted roughly 100,000 hackers worldwide participating in bounty programs.

HackerOne confirmed the Tezos news via twitter:

According to the HackerOne program directory, Tezos will join notable companies like Coinbase, Uber, Twitter and Starbucks, to name a few, which use the firm for network security testing and auditing.