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Ledger Nano GUI Support Coming Soon for Tezos

As we chronicled in previous stories, Obsidian Systems has been working on developing full-featured Tezos support for the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. Back on June 1, it was announced that Obsidian was working on a suite of tools to allow for Tezos functions, such as baking, to be performed with the safety and security of storing keys on the Ledger Nano platform. Since the Betanet launch on June 30, Tezos holders wishing to use a Ledger Nano were limited to command-line tools which severely limit adoption since they are more cumbersome to use than well-designed graphical interfaces. The good news is that this limitation will soon be lifted since Obsidian announced on August 31 that they are getting close to releasing a software library that will allow third-party wallets to integrate support for the Ledger Nano platform into their products.

Ledger Live

While the official Ledger application, known as Ledger Live, doesn’t yet offer Tezos support, Obsidian is confident that future support is in the pipeline and will eventually make it to the Ledger flagship application. Before that time comes, however, there will be several other wallets that will be able to build on the updated Obsidian libraries and integrate Ledger support into their own graphical interface platforms.


The first third-party Ledger Nano candidate is the Galleon wallet, which was developed by Cryptonomic with a grant from the Tezos Foundation. This news was confirmed by Cryptonomic on Twitter, from August 24, that GUI support for the Ledger Nano would be the next big feature in their development pipeline:

You can download Galleon here and watch the Cryptonomic Medium blog for updates on the Ledger release.


The TezBox wallet, which was the first web interface wallet available at the Betanet launch, has also announced, on Twitter, that Ledger GUI support is in their development pipeline:

As you can see from the tweet, TezBox is also promising support for the Trezor hardware wallet in addition to the Ledger. TezBox has been undergoing important improvements over the past couple months, propelled by a Tezos Foundation grant to provide security audits of the TezBox code. You can use TezBox by visiting their website at TezBox.com.

Other Wallets

If you have another wallet product that will be including Ledger Support in the near future thanks to the Obsidian libraries, please let us know to be included in this post.