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Obsidian Announces Ledger Baking Software

In a blog post earlier today, Obsidian Systems announced it will be releasing software with support for the Ledger hardware wallet platform to securely facilitate the process of Tezos baking. As a security precaution, the first release for Betanet will be limited in capability, but more features will be added as the network progresses and baking becomes adopted by the masses. As we reported earlier today, Ledger has officially acknowledged that support for Tezos is currently underway.

Ledger Baking Application

The first piece of software, called the Ledger Baking Application, will “only be capable of signing blocks and endorsements — it will not sign transactions or allow you to set your delegate,” according to Obsidian. There will be additional software released at a later time which will enable more features and expand the capabilities.

Obsidian states that this software will be available before the Betanet launch which means Tezos will have Ledger support from day one, a newsworthy announcement in itself.

Baker Monitoring Application

The second piece of software in this announcement is the Baker Monitoring Application. Obsidian describes this as a “real-time baker monitor,” but does not offer any further details on capabilities or platforms.

Baking Guides

Obsidian will also be producing detailed guides for anyone wishing to participate in Baking on the Tezos network. In addition to the software, Obsidian will distribute “instructions for using existing command line tools for setting up a node and baker.” There will be streamlined GUI applications to follow, but for now the emphasis will be on documentation to help users get started with the current tool set of Tezos command line software.

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