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Stephen Andrews Receives Tezos Foundation Grant

As we’ve been reporting, the Tezos Foundation is hard at work building up the Tezos community in terms of technical development as well as local meetup and networking organizations to foster growth around the globe. The latest recipient of support from the Foundation is developer-extraordinaire Stephen Andrews, a community legend in the Tezos ranks who provided various software tools at the onset of the Betanet launch which allowed for many Tezos contributors to more easily access their ICO tokens and begin using the network.

The Foundation press release praises Andrews’ contributions and lists his numerous projects which will be funded though the creation of TezTech, a software firm which will be headed by Andrews:

The Tezos Foundation is pleased to announce that it will issue a grant to Stephen Andrews to establish TezTech, a global Tezos software development studio.

Stephen is a widely respected contributor to the Tezos ecosystem. Some of his work includes TezBox, a multi-platform, dApp friendly wallet for Tezos, and BakeChain, a service that allows its users to bake (“validate”) on the Tezos network without having to install and maintain a full node.

Aside from TezBox and BakeChain, which are phenomenal projects, they left out the simple activation tool that Andrews created for users to activate their ICO contributions on the Betanet and claim their Tezos tokens. If it were not for this tool, users would have been relegated to a command-line procedure back on June 30 to gain access to their wallets.

The future roadmap list for TezTech is impressive and may shape the future of Tezos adoption for years to come:

  • eztz.js – a Javascript library for interacting with the Tezos blockchain.
  • fi – a high-level smart contract language for Tezos that compiles to Michelson.
  • tzToken – a sub-token ERC20 standard for Tezos.
  • TezRPC – an RPC API that offers free access to the Tezos blockchain by providing infrastructure for developers and users.
  • Velos – a proposed off-chain, trustless scaling method for Tezos.

There is no one who can argue that Andrews does not deserve support from the Tezos Foundation, his impact so far on the Tezos community has been selfless and tremendously beneficial for thousands of token holders using the network. The future will be bright for TezTech and the Tezos ecosystem has been expanded thanks to the work of Stephen Andrews over the past several months.