Tezos Baking & Delegation Services

On the Tezos blockchain, transactions are validated by nodes on the network known as “bakers.” Anyone can become a baker by setting up the proper software and have a Tezos token balance of at least 10,000 XTZ. For most users, however, and especially holders with fewer than 10,000 XTZ, the best option is to “delegate” your tokens to a baking service. Delegation is 100% secure since tokens never leave your account and you retain full control over them while allowing them to be used for securing the Tezos network. Delegation can be changed at any time and tokens are never locked to a specific delegate.

Below is a list of active Tezos baking and delegation services. Each service has their own structure of fees, often from around 10-15% of your rewards which means you’ll be paid upwards of 85-90% of tokens earned as a result of delegating your tez. See our article on baking for an idea of how much you can earn by baking your Tezos tokens.

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Name: The name and link to the delegation service’s website
Delegate Address: A link to the delegate’s page on TZScan.io

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TZScan Delegation Services

Live balance data powered by TZScan API and TezEx.info API. May be delayed several hours due to caching.

Note: Please do your own research on any baking/delegation service before delegating your tokens. Please contact us with updates and/or corrections or to have your delegation service listed.