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First Look: Tezos Baking On Ledger Nano S

With Tezos Betanet coming in a matter of days, we’ve seen the first look at some of the software capabilities being rolled out by Obsidian Systems to support the launch. The most recent announcement from Obsidian involved a suite of software tools built to facilitate baking and provide a wallet for interaction with the Tezos network.

In a tweet from xtez.io, a baking and delegation service being built for Tezos, the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is showing in “Tezos baking” mode:

In response to the tweet, Obsidian confirmed that the Ledger pictured was in fact being operated with the forthcoming tools created by Obsidian for baking on the Tezos network. Obsidian stated that the software being used for this Ledger is what they call the “Baking Software,” which is used for baking tez stored on the Ledger. To bake in this manner would require an account with at least 10,000 tez since that is the minimum for self-baking.

When asked about using Obsidian tools for baking tez with a delegate service, the company confirmed that it would also be possible to delegate from a Ledger device but that capability comes from the “Wallet Application,” which is also being produced by Obsidian.

Obsidian also confirmed that both software tools will be available at the time of Betanet launch.