Tezos Baking Milestone
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Tezos Hits Baking Milestone

Tezos hit an important milestone this week of breaking the barrier of 100 active bakers on the network acting to validate transactions and provide network decentralization. Though the Betanet launched on June 30, it wasn’t until July 21 when bakers other than the Tezos Foundation bakers were able to begin validating blocks and processing transactions. It took from July 21 to August 19 to reach 100 daily active bakers on the network which will continue to climb exponentially, especially as the Mainnet launch arrives at the end of September.

You can follow the expansion via this page on TZScan. Here is the chart since the launch on June 30 showing the rapid growth:

Tezos Active Bakers Chart

To become a baker on the network requires ownership of 1 “roll” of Tezos tokens which consists of 10,000 individual tez. That number may decrease in the future to allow more individuals to bake, but those adjustments and tweaks will come down the road with performance improvements.

For now, however, if you are still looking to participate in baking on the network but you have less than 10,000 tokens, head over to our Tezos Delegation page and find a delegate so you can begin earning rewards and securing the network.