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Tezos Foundation Announces Support For Inria And Tarides

The Tezos Foundation has been on a roll recently when it comes to laying the groundwork necessary for long-term success of the Tezos ecosystem. Having already announced partnerships earlier this month with OCaml Labs and IMDEA, the Foundation continues moving forward by funding more research and software projects to expand the Tezos technology and codebase.

INRIA Research Funding

The most recent announcement will provide funding for research labs at INRIA, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, which is also working to provide a code audit of the Tezos codebase.

Funding from the Foundation will direct resources to “focus on research and other efforts,” including “cryptography and cybersecurity, distributed systems, research and development of the OCaml language, formal verification and proofs, and other related technologies.” Resources will also be used to create internal labs at INRIA where this ongoing research will occur.

Tarides Software Partnership

The other part of this announcement focuses on a company called Tarides, which is based on Paris. Tarides is led by by Thomas Gazagnaire, a computer scientists and software engineer with previous experience at Citrix, Docker, Unikernal, and the University of Cambridge. Tarides will be focused on packaging the Tezos client as a MirageOS unikernel which will facilitate simple and secure deployment of Tezos nodes on the network. Accessibility will be key for widespread adoption of the Tezos platform and this type of development will make it easier to operate Tezos nodes worldwide.

Ongoing Partnerships

The Foundation, in previous updates, has provided support for the IMDEA Software Institute, OCaml Labs, Obsidian Systems, and the Learn OCaml project, the latter of which is already paying dividends with the first OCaml online class starting soon. The course, titled “Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml,” will begin in September as a massive open online course (MOOC). Registration is currently open according to this tweet from Paris Diderot University, which is part of the Learn OCaml project:

Read the full announcment available here and follow all prior Foundation news on their website. Time to start learning OCaml!