Tezos Launch Information

According to the Tezos Foundation, the Tezos network will launch in two phases in 2018. The first phase will be a “Betanet” launch, which happened on June 30, of a full-functioning network to allow for real-world testing and development. Following the Betanet period, the Tezos “Mainnet” will launch on Monday, September 17, 2018. The Mainnet will be the official launch of the platform.

Betanet Launch: Launched June 30, 2018
Mainnet Launch: September 17, 2018

What is Betanet?

The Tezos Betanet is basically the full Tezos network but with the simple disclaimer that the network will have unscheduled downtime and periods of bug fixes and software updates. The Betanet will be fully functional and will allow the use and activation of Tezos tokens which were purchased as part of the original ICO fundraiser back in July of 2017. The Betanet will also allow trading of tokens and some exchanges have begun announcing support for Tezos.

Betanet Launch details:
Tezos Betanet (tezos.com)
Tezos Betanet Launch (Tezos Foundation)

What is Mainnet?

The Tezos Mainenet is the fully released Tezos network. The Betanet will eventually turn into the Mainnet and all transactions and trades from the Betanet period will exist on the Mainnet. The Mainnet release will be the first official public release of the network. If all goes as planned, the changes between Betanet and Mainnet will be minimal and the transition will be seamless.

Preparing for the Launch of the Tezos Network (4/4/18)