Tezos Mainnet Launch
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Tezos Mainnet Launch Set for Sept. 17

The Tezos Betanet has been running without issue since launching on June 30, 2018. As a result of how solid the network has been performing, the Tezos Foundation announced today, via twitter, that the Mainnet launch would be coming on Monday, September 17. All Betanet transactions will persist into the Mainnet so there will be no disruption or changes to the ledger up to this point.

More details will soon follow with updates about how the change will occur and what steps bakers and delegation services will need to take once it happens.

What Changes?

In short, from a tehnical perspective, not much. The Betanet period was mainly a vehicle for getting the Tezos network functioning in real world circumstances and to stress the network with more activity. Betanet came with a disclaimer that urged users to avoid high dollar transactions until the testing phase was complete which resulted in few major cryptocurrency exchanges picking up trading during the Betanet period.

The short-term changes may include further recognition of Tezos as the next major player in the blockchain space, and immediate notice by larger exchanges, such as HitBTC, which have been holding off supporting Tezos until the beta period was completed.

Betanet has performed so well that the biggest change will simply be swapping in the label of Mainnet which moves Tezos into full production mode as an enterprise, world-class blockchain product.

Great news to end the week on. Look for more details on Monday.