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Tezos Mainnet is Now Live and Exchanges Are Taking Notice

Just 79 days after the Tezos Betanet launched on June 30, the beta period is complete and Tezos is now ready for production use. The announcement came early Monday morning with a press release from the Tezos Foundation to mark the occasion. The Tezos explorer, TZScan, has already been updated with the “Mainnet” label so business can continue with no interruption.

Here’s an excerpt from the Foundation announcement:

Over the course of the last few months, we have been happy to see the network operating smoothly and efficiently. The community has been actively engaged, with more than 400 validators (“bakers”) scheduled for an upcoming cycle. In addition, the community has been developing an array of exciting technologies and other tools to increase community engagement, understanding of the network, and adoption.

As a result, we now consider the beta period concluded, and while active development still continues, we are pleased to regard the Tezos network as the mainnet.

Technically speaking, today amounts to little more than a label change as the beta network simply turns into the main network. The process was seamless since the betanet has run so smoothly since June.

New Blockchain

The announcement also stresses the fact that Tezos, as a project, is an entirely new blockchain, not just another ERC20 token based on Ethereum. The codebase is exclusive to Tezos and nothing like this has ever been built in the OCaml language before. This technology is very new and will be developed and expanded for years to come.

Exchange Listings

With the conclusion of the beta period, there has already been movement form larger cyrptocurrency exchanges that are showing intention to list Tezos (XTZ) for trading. The Bitfinex website began showing trading pairs for Tezos with Bitcoin (BTC) as well as USD:

Bitfinex XTZ USD
Bitfinex XTZ BTC

The trading and pages are not operational as of publishing this story but that could change at any time.

There will surely be other exchanges who follow, along with HitBTC, which previously stated it was waiting for the Mainnet launch before allowing deposits and withdrawals. Look for a steady stream of major news this week Tezos bursts onto the crypto scene.