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Tezos Meetup Funding Now Available From TCF

As Tezos is growing in popularity, the demand for Tezos meetup gatherings across the world has increased. Luckily the Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF), a private organization setup by Tezos community members, has allocated funding for individuals wishing to organize and host their own Tezos meetup.

In a Reddit post earlier today, TCF board member Jonas Lamis is quoted as outlining the details and providing a link for individuals wishing to host their own Tezos meetup and have it financially sponsored by the TCF:

The Tezos Commons Foundation is excited to announce support for global Tezos meetups. If you would like to host a Tezos meetup in your city, and would like support from TCF to cover all related expenses and logistics, we are here to help!

TCF has allocated funds to host 12 meetups over the next few months, with more expected later this year. We are now seeking community members who want to organize the event with our help and funding. We have an ample budget for each meetup to cover the meeting location, food and beverage, travel for an invited speaker, and plenty of Tezos branded gear for all attendees. We expect a lot of proposals and we will work with the community to prioritize locations and dates.

If you’re interest, here is the link where you can complete a form and be in contact with a TCF marketing team member.

With the Betanet launch just around the corner, and Mainnet following later this year, the demand for more community events and opportunities for Tezos chain enthusiasts to gather and meet will only grow.

The Tezos Commons Foundation is a non-profit corporation based on the United States. The foundation was formed in March of 2018, and leadership was elected through a collaborative effort of over 70 global Tezos community leaders. Working in tandem with the Tezos Foundation in Switzerland, TCF will help to secure funding and provide infrastructure needed for community engagement events around the world.