Tezos News Recap
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Tezos News Recap (July 23)

There was a lot of news in the Tezos universe last week and due to travel limitations I was not able to cover any of it. However, there are so many great things happening I didn’t want them to slip under the radar without a mention.

Tezori Wallet (Galleon)

Tezori, the wallet being developed by Cryptonomic, and funded by the Tezos Foundation, went live this week with a fully functional beta build named Galleon. In a blog post, Cryptonomic announced support for Windows, Mac and Linux:

Cryptonomic is delighted to share Tezori, an open-source codebase for Tezos wallets. The name combines the Italian word tesori for “treasures” with the Hindi word tijori for “vault”. We open-sourced Tezori under the GNU GPLv3 license on June 26 and the code has now been updated to work with the Tezos betanet along with supporting libraries Conseil and ConseilJS.

Builds for each platform can be downloaded from the Galleon Wiki page. Cryptonomic has also produced a series of YouTube videos showing how to perform all functions in the software such as activating ICO wallets and setting delegation.

You can find the rest of the tutorials at the Cryptonomic YouTube page.

Community Grants

The Tezoz Foundation has been working hard since the Betanet launch to fund more community projects such as meetups and community organizations.

Tezos Foundation to Open Grantmaking Process (July 13, 2018)

Tezos Foundation Issues Grants to Community Organizations (July 18, 2018)

The first community groups to receive grants from the Foundation include the Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF), Tezos Japan Foundation, and Tezos Korea Foundation.

If you have an organization or project that would further expand the Tezos universe and benefit the community, the Foundation has created a form where applicants can submit proposals to consider for a Foundation grant.

Tezos Foundation Audit

In a move toward transparency, the Foundation announced it will undergo a third-party audit from the Swiss arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a major accounting firm. In a press release from July 23, the Foundation explained why the audit is being ordered:

The Foundation is committed to operating with the highest degree of integrity in the service of our mission to support the Tezos protocol, ecosystem, and community. Engaging a top-tier independent external auditor ensures that the Tezos community and its observers can trust our operations and use of finances.

We believe that accountability and trust will be central pillars of any successful entity operating in the blockchain space. We are excited to make progress towards this goal with PwC Switzerland acting as our independent external auditor.

The Foundation also noted that it will be the first blockchain-related entity to be audited by one of the “big four” global accounting firms, a first for the crypto space and a huge win for the Foundation and the Tezos community at large.

Community Baking

At the start of the Betanet, for the first 7 cycles, the network validation (baking) was being performed by the Tezos Foundation exclusively. This allowed roughly 21 days for community bakers and services to get setup and operational before flipping the switch and turning the network over to the community. The Tezos Foundation commemorated the first block baked by a community baker in a tweet on July 21:

You can follow the community baking growth on TzScan. Baking will continue to expand over coming months and more and more token holders delegate their tokens or become self-bakers to help secure the network and earn baking rewards.