Tezos News Recap
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Tezos News Recap (Oct. 3)

With the early launch of the Tezos Mainnet on September 17, news has been pouring in steadily for this groundbreaking blockchain. Here are some of the most notable stories from the past several days to get you caught up on the world of Tezos.

TezBox Ledger Support

TezBox, the first graphical wallet for Tezos, announced on Monday that it was days away from releasing an update with support for the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. This integration is being made possible with the underlying libraries from Obsidian Systems which will allow all Tezos wallets to begin to support the Ledger Nano platform.

This is monumental for Tezos, and a huge accomplishment for the TezBox team, which is lead by developer extraordinaire, Stephen Andrews.

Chorus Mobility

A new company, called Chorus Mobility, is working on use-cases for blockchain applications in the transportation industry. They plan to use Tezos as their underlying platform and create what they call “vehicular ad hoc networks,” which is a sophisticated system “of interconnected cars”.

According to Will Vorobev, Founder and CEO of the Chorus Mobility project, Chorus has chosen Tezos “for the priority development in our architecture because we genuinely believe Tezos might be one of the most advanced blockchains at the moment and suits our needs the best.”

Keep an eye on this project for announcements in the near-future.

Tezos Market Development

While Tezos being a decentralized blockchain has endless benefits, it doesn’t come without challenges. Having no principal authority can make it difficult to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses which typically want one point of contact in leadership.

As with most areas, the Tezos community has stepped up to the plate to form a group dedicated to providing this kind of entity. According to the announcement on Reddit, Tezos Market Development was formed to “take the lead on market listings for this ‘decentralized’ blockchain” which includes tasks such as negotiating listing fees, providing technical guidance, and serving as a knowledgeable point of contact.

Learn more about this endeavor at TezosMarketDevelopment.com.