Buying/Trading Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos will trade under the ticker symbol XTZ. With Betanet successfully launched on June 30, exchanges are starting to announce they will begin actively supporting Tezos and allow trading with other cryptocurrencies. As new exchanges come online, this page will be updated. is a smaller exchange but is the first on the market with active Tezos deposits and withdrawals. According to the latest update, the Tezos listing at is now fully operational.

See this page for full details on trading Tezos at

Residency Notes: excludes U.S. residents as well as residents of Canada and Japan.


Gatecoin, an exchange based in Hong Kong, famous for first listing the Ethereum token, put out a press release saying that Tezos was now listed and trading would commence:

HONG KONG — 2 July 2018 — Gatecoin has listed Tezos (XTZ) on our exchange. You can now trade XTZ with BTC, USD and EUR.

Residency Notes: Unfortunately for Tezos holders in the United States, Gatecoin has limited accessibility until it is fully licensed by U.S. regulating authorities. Residents in certain states can gain access, but check the list at that link to see if you’ll be able to trade as a US-residents.


HitBTC was the first to offer Tezos IOU trading with the most available currency options. These IOUs are considered “safe” to purchase before Tezos launches for full trading. Any IOUs purchased before Betanet/Mainnet launch will turn into real Tezos tokens once the network launches for trading, sometime in Q3 of 2018.

The tokens being traded on HitBTC are not real Tezos tokens, they are essentially a note that says you, as a buyer, will eventually have these IOU notes replaced with real Tezos XTZ tokens after launch. So far, even checking their XTZ/BTC page, there has been no word from HitBTC as to when or how Tezos IOU owners will be rewarded with their genuine Tezos tokens. We expect an announcement shortly and at some point, the IOU market will cease trading and come back online as a real Tezos listing and IOU accounts will be updated as genuine Tezos wallets with a balance of tokens equivalent to the number of IOU notes owned.

Residency Notes: Currently no residency restrictions but terms could change at any time

Tezos OTC

Aside from centralized exchanges, some OTC (“over the counter”) escrow-backed services are beginning to offer Tezos buying and selling. One of the first to begin offering a streamlined experience is Tezos OTC.

Trading Tezos outside of an exchange currently requires some kind of escrow-backing to help complete a sale and keep buyers and sellers safe in the process. Tezos OTC claims to be able to facilitate this process smoothly.

Disclaimer: All exchange and trading information is subject to change at any time by exchange operators. Do your own research and diligence on any individual or organization before sending them your tokens.