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Welcome To Tezos News

Welcome to the inaugural post of Tezos News, the site dedicated to curating and producing the latest information on the Tezos cryptocurrency project and trading XTZ tokens. We will gather as much useful information as possible and build a repository for users and enthusiasts.

Who is Tezos News?

At present, just one person, who contributed to the Tezos fundraiser and has an interest in crypto and the Tezos project. Software developer by trade and news junky on the side. Tezos is a fascinating project and I think there is room for a website/blog dedicated to covering all Tezos information as we near the betanet and mainnet launch in 2018.

What is our objective?

To support Tezos in any way we can. To support the Tezos Foundation in the mission of promoting the Tezos protocol and decentralized applications. To support the Tezos community in any way we can. To promote Tezos events any time we can. Basically, we love Tezos and we want to help spread the word and provide succinct news articles and information.